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Dr. Hazim Sadeddin Says to Stop Skipping Flossing Now!

woman smilingWhen you visit your dentist, does it seem like your dental team is “laying on” the whole flossing thing too thick? They’re always talking about floss, which kind you should buy, and side eyeing you when you tell them that you floss everyday—when you and your dentist in Arlington know that you haven’t in months!

The only reason that your dentist stresses the importance of flossing is because it helps more than your smile! Learn more about how flossing can work to keep your whole body healthy when you do it consistently.

Why should you floss on a regular basis?

Whether you like to do it or not, flossing is key to keeping your smile in great condition. It might just seem like a flimsy string without much power, but when you use it the way your dentist explains, it can be a great resource for keeping your teeth and gums in great condition.

The act of flossing your teeth does so much to help your smile:

  • Removes plaque from the smile.
  • Prevents tartar buildup from between the teeth.
  • Keeps your gums in firm, healthy, pink condition.
  • Fights against dental concerns like gum disease.
  • Wards off tooth decay.

Flossing Can Help More Than Your Smile!

When you don’t floss, you’re increasing your risk of developing the conditions listed above, like gum disease or decay. These are already hard to deal with because they decline your smile’s aesthetics and function, but they can also decline your whole body’s health.

If you don’t improve your flossing habits and consult a dentist for your potential gum disease, you could risk losing your teeth, developing closely correlated heart disease, diabetes, or even risk having a stroke!

Ask Your Dentist for Help with Flossing!

Hopefully, the threat of these serious conditions will help you to floss more often. But in the case that you do have gum disease or another dental concern, you can always rely on your local dentist to help you recover the health of your smile.
If you are unsure of how to properly floss, just simply ask your dental team to give you a quick demonstration. They might even throw in some free dental floss for you to take home!

To learn more about flossing and how to boost your oral health, give your local dentist a call today.

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