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Why Does a Dentist in Arlington Need To Check Your Blood Pressure?

Patient having their blood pressure takenThere you are at your dental visit, hoping that you can be done with it as soon as possible so you can move on with your busy day, when the dental assistant goes to take your blood pressure. You can understand why this is a part of a medical checkup, but why in the world would it matter when you’re simply having your teeth worked on? You may not realize it, but there’s more than one good reason that a dentist in Arlington would start an appointment by taking your blood pressure. Keep reading to find out more and learn why this small task is a big part of quality dental care!

Why Is Taking Your Blood Pressure Before Dental Work Important?

Here are just some of the reasons a dentist would take your blood pressure:

  • Many people see a dentist more often than they see a doctor – Some people go years in between medical checkups, but see their dentist twice a year. That’s why dental visits are a perfect opportunity to screen people for high blood pressure, especially since it’s known as a “silent killer.” Although it has serious health consequences, people don’t know they have it because it doesn’t cause pain.
  • It’s necessary to determine which type of anesthetic to use – A dentist needs to know your blood pressure so they can choose the right type of anesthetic. Certain anesthetics contain epinephrine, which can be dangerous if it’s given to a patient with high blood pressure.
  • It can save your life – There have been multiple cases in which a patient has been found to have dangerously high blood pressure at their dental appointment. When someone is at immediate risk of having a stroke or heart attack, they can receive emergency care in time to prevent a life-threatening event.

How Can Routine Dental Care Keep Your Whole Body Healthier?

In addition to screening you for high blood pressure, regular checkups also benefit your health in other ways:

  • Healthy gums contribute to overall health – In the last couple of decades, many studies have shown a link between gum disease and the following: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more. Regular checkups are a great way to maintain good gum health and lower your risk for these diseases.
  • Checkups help prevent emergencies – The best way to prevent a dental emergency is to see an Arlington dentist regularly who can catch and treat small problems – before they become bigger problems!

Now that you know the benefits of having your blood pressure taken at the dentist, you can start thinking of it as an added bonus at your next checkup!

About the Author

Dr. Hazim Sadeddin is a general, restorative and cosmetic dentist who makes it a priority to provide comprehensive care for every patient. He knows that oral health is linked to overall health and takes every opportunity he can to help his patients with both. If you have any questions, give us a call at (703) 495-2247, or request an appointment online today.