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Why Your Oral Hygiene At Home Is So Important

Everyone has different challenges in life; however, there is one challenge that everyone has in common, and that is oral hygiene. Your oral hygiene is the first line of defense against tooth decay, cavities, crooked teeth, and more dental issues.

If you do not properly care for your teeth, then you can bet that you will be investing time and money into your smile for years to come. Why not spend that time making new memories with friends and family and use that money to travel the world. So, please read the tips that we have listed below to help with your at home oral hygiene routine.

Oral Hygiene Tips

  • Cleaning
    • Brushing and flossing are vital to your oral health as they will scrub, clean, and remove food, debris, and help prevent plaque and tooth decay from forming inside your mouth. Also, gum disease is completely preventable with proper oral hygiene. So make sure to brush your teeth for a least two minutes twice per day. After each brushing session, make sure to floss to remove any food that may be wedged in between teeth.
  • Rinsing
    • Mouthwash is an excellent choice for rinsing your mouth before bed and after meals. It will not only freshen your breath but will also help rinse away anything that you may have missed during brushing and flossing.
  • Hydration
    • It may not seem like something that help your oral health, but it will. Drinking plenty of water during your day will help prevent certain conditions such as dry mouth. Also, most water supplies inside the USA have fluoride added to them, which has proven to help prevent tooth decay. Also, if you are not a fan of mouthwash, water can help rinse away any food that may be floating around after brushing and flossing.
  • Your Tongue
    • Most patients neglect their tongue. However, a clean tongue is crucial for excellent oral health and good smelling breath. Bacteria can and will find places on your tongue to hide and grow causing chronic bad breath.


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