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It is helpful for patients to have a complete understanding of implant-supported dentures when determining if they are the right choice. This popular cosmetic dentistry procedure has many benefits that make it a recommended option for teeth replacement.

Implant-supported dentures from a cosmetic dentist

Anyone who is missing multiple natural teeth should consider the benefits of implant-supported dentures. The following explains more about implant-supported dentures for potential patients, including what they are, why they are popular in cosmetic dentistry and how the placement process works. 

What are implant-supported dentures?

Implant-supported dentures are a set of complete or partial dentures that attach to dental implants. Traditional dentures rest upon and are supported by the gums, whereas implant-supported dentures provide a more secure hold by attaching to dental implants. These essentially serve as the roots of the replacement teeth. 

Why are implant-supported dentures popular?

Patients who are missing several, the majority or all of their natural teeth can often benefit from implant-supported dentures, and this form of tooth-replacement treatment is one of the most recommended options among cosmetic dentists. The reason for this is the benefits implant-supported dentures offer patients:

  • Natural appearance
  • Improved function
  • Comfortable fit
  • Better oral health
  • Bone health preservation
  • Increased confidence
  • Long-term solution

Many choose implant-supported dentures over other teeth replacement solutions due to the cosmetic advantages, and they are essentially indistinguishable from natural teeth. They also improve function, and patients are typically able to eat the same way they did before teeth loss. 

How does the placement process work?

Every cosmetic dentist uses their own process with patients, but most follow a similar process that involves an initial consultation, the placement of the dental implants, fitting of the abutment and dentures, and ensuring successful aftercare is undertaken. The placement of the implants does involve a surgical procedure, so it is important for the patient to be in good general health and willing and able to go through minor surgery. 

Are implant-supported dentures right for you?

Implant-supported dentures are a great solution for replacing multiple missing teeth, but there are other options worth considering as well. How can patients know which to choose? By considering the procedure to get implant-supported dentures along with the benefits, such as the prevention of bone loss and a more comfortable fit, patients can make a more informed decision. In general, patients who do not mind going through a more extensive process to receive an effective, long-term solution will likely prefer implant-supported dentures over traditional removable dentures. 

Talk to a cosmetic dentist about treatment

The first step in the implant-supported dentures process is to schedule a visit with a cosmetic dentist, who can provide more information about treatment options and help you make the right decision. Our team helps patients through implant-supported dentures treatment, and we are more than happy to answer any questions. Get in touch with our team via phone or email today to talk to a cosmetic dentist. 

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