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Tooth Extraction Arlington VA

Tooth Extractions An Overview

In most cases, a tooth extraction is needed in the event of dental trauma, infection, advanced decay, or overcrowding. A tooth extraction is typically performed if the tooth can not be saved or repaired.  Our team at Westover Dentistry offers a full range of treatment to restore the health and function of your natural smile, including tooth extractions.

A tooth extraction procedure can usually be completed in one visit to our Arlington dentist office. To ensure maximum comfort, we perform most tooth extraction under local anesthetic. If necessary, we can work with you to determine if sedation dentistry is right for you. We offer a full range of dental sedation options.

Dr. Hazim Sadeddin is a highly trained dentist in Arlington, VA. He can work with you to address your dental concerns and restore health, beauty, and function to your smile. If tooth replacement is deemed necessary after an extraction, Dr. Sadeddin offers a multitude of tooth replacement options, including dental implants. To learn more, visit Westover Dentistry.

Tooth Extractions What to Expect

During a tooth extraction, it is important that our patients feel comfortable and are fully informed of all aspects of their care. The procedure begins with a local anesthetic. If dental sedation is needed, we will explore your options and determine which sedation method is right for you.

Once you are made comfortable, Dr. Sadeddin will gently remove the ligaments from the socket. The tooth is then carefully rocked back and forth to remove it from the socket. The extraction site is cleaned thoroughly and gauze is applied to minimize bleeding.

We will provide aftercare instructions to ensure optimal recovery. Following aftercare instructions can prevent dry socket, infection, or other complications. If necessary, we will schedule any follow-up care appointments.

Replacing Extracted Teeth

Depending on the location and number of extracted teeth, you may need a tooth replacement. Dr. Sadeddin offers a full range of tooth replacement solutions for patients with extracted teeth. As a highly trained restorative dentist, Dr. Sadedin performs all aspects of the dental implant process in our Arlington dental office. In most cases, we will recommend dental implants to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are one of the highest rated and natural looking solutions for missing teeth.